Paragraph Hamburger


  1. Discuss the three main components of a paragraph, or story.
    1. The introduction (top bun)
    2. The internal or supporting information (the filling)
    3. The conclusion (bottom bun)
  2. Ask students to write a topic sentence that clearly indicates what the whole paragraph is going to be about.
  3. Have students compose several supporting sentences that give more information about the topic.
  4. Instruct students on ways to write a concluding sentence that restates the topic sentence.

Why Use?

  • It helps students organize their ideas into a cohesive paragraph.
  • It helps show the organization or structure of concepts/idea.
  • It demonstrates in a concrete way how information is related.

This is a wonderful way to get your students writing well, it also helps your students with distinguishing the parts of a story.

(n.d.). Paragraph hamburger. Retrieved from Reading Rockets website:


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