A classroom blog is a great way for students to interact with each other in an informal, written way.  Use a tool like SchoolNet to start a classroom blog and allow students to post their own thoughtful articles, questions and comments.


I feel like this is a good strategy to use in your classroom because it incorporates technology in your teaching. MOST of your students are introduced to the internet at some point in their life and I feel like this is something they will actually understand. Having a classroom blog is something that the student can take pride in. It is something they can show off to multiple people. This is also good because it is something public that the parents can look at to see some of what their child is doing in class. I sm not sure if this would be good with some students with special needs, it just depends on their attention span.


You could use this strategy for assessment by posting discussion questions about something you read previously or something you went over in class. This is a good way to see their understanding on a subject.

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