This is a very good strategy to use because it helps the student build on their prior knowledge. It also gets the students up and moving while they are interacting and getting ideas from their peers.

How to use:

  1. Select a main concept in a reading selection.
  2. List: Have students brainstorm all the words they think relate to the topic.
    • Visually display student responses.
    • At this point do not critique student responses. Some words may not reflect the main concept, but hopefully students will realize this as they begin grouping the words in the next step.
  3. Group: Divide your class into small groups. Each group will work to cluster the class list of words into subcategories. As groups of words emerge, challenge your students to explain their reasoning for placing words together or discarding them.
  4. Label: Invite students to suggest a title or label for the groups of words they have formed. These labels should relate to their reasoning for the grouping.

This strategy is good to use in any subject, with any grade level really, as long as it is material that they understand.

(2013, ). List-group-label. Retrieved from Reading Rockets website:


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