Interview a Word

This is a cute game to do with students to help their conprehension of a word.


  1. Select key words important to understanding a concept or unit.
  2. Divide class into teams of 2-4 students.
  3. Give each team a word and list of interview questions.
  4. Have students “become” the word and write answer to questions.
  5. Without revealing the word, the teacher or a student acts as Interviewer and
    asks the questions as team members read their written answers. After the
    interview, the class guesses the word.

I really think this is a good idea to have fun with vocabulary, you could put some attitude in it and the students would be engaged the whole time. This could be used in any classroom, with little materials. This could be a good strategy to use with special needs children if you keep the words on their level and it will keep them active with the lesson.

(n.d.). Strategy 9: Interview a word. Retrieved from Learning Tasks website:


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