Chalk Down, Turn Around!

This strategy is a fun game to do with your students to show their understanding of the words.

  • First: You divide the class into two teams (make sure you pick at random so that the playing field is even)
  • Second: You explain the rules!
  • Third: Start the game!!!


  1. Only two people (one from each team) are at the board at a time.
  2. The teacher will give a definition and the students (at the board) have to write down what word that definition belongs to.
  3. The rest of the team can not help the student at the board.
  4. The student at the board can erase their answer, but once they put the chalk down they can not pick it back up.
  5. Whoever puts down the chalk first with the correct answer WINS!

This is a cool strategy to use that requires materials that you already have in the classroom! This is good as an assessment and the students have a lot of fun with it. It can be used in any subject as long as you have vocabulary words. I’m not sure how well this would go for special education students.

Gallant, D. (n.d.). Chalk down, turn around. Retrieved from Word Buff website:


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