Reading Strategy Fans!

These fans are fairly simple to make.  Each student gets one “card” for each of the 6 reading strategies we learn in class.  The cards are different colors (ie: Clarify is purple, Predict is black, Visualize is red, and so on) which match the big reading comprehension posters I have in my class.  These are all put together, on top of each other, with a brad holding them together at the bottom.  This allows them to be moved around, fanned out, and easily accessed.

When we are reading a story, either during our reading block or at other times, the students bring these to the rug with them (or, if you don’t have a rug, just have them pull the fans out on their desk to use while reading).  As I am modeling the strategies in the lesson, they are using them as a sort of strategy reminder.  During the read, if they wish to use a strategy, they flip to that card on the fan, hold it up, and I can easily see who wants to visualize, clarify, ask a question, or make a connection.


This is a good strategy to use in any classroom because it helps keep order in the classroom while reading a story. I also like how it gives the child enough time to think before speaking.


(, March 1). Diy reading strategy fans. Retrieved from Organized Classroom website:






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